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The Boss Meter Stainless Steel Meter Housing Logo

Introducing the BOSS Stainless Steel Meter Housing by Air Seeder Parts, LLC. Designed and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials, this stainless steel unit is specifically engineered as a replacement for the John Deere 1900 and 1910 Air Carts.

Air Seeder Parts, LLC provides innovative meter housings, pipes, towers and accessory products to the ag community. Want to learn more about why to choose us? For more information on our air seeder products and how they can help enhance your operation, contact us today.

Introducing the BOSS Meter 2.0

Offer your customers the most versatile BOSS Meter yet with these features:

  • Ground/hydraulic drive capabilities
  • Accepts John Deere or Air Seeder Parts sectional controls
  • Larger intake - reduces risk of bridging

New Stailess Steel Manifold Cover

Why Us

We use corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel and high abrasion and wear plastics. No more premature replacements.

Our patent-pending new design has individual row shutoff with both manually and automatically operated slide gates. No more half-width disconnects.

All our parts are produced with computer-controlled equipment such as CNC lasers, press brakes and mills. No human error.

These units are washable, with a cleanout at the bottom of the meter. They require no foam, and are maintenance-free, with no need for grease.

This exclusive single-wall design doesn’t allow fertilizer dust to accumulate in an air cavity. No air cavity means no swelling or distortion.

Interchangeable and priced comparable to factory-made parts.

1-Year Warranty

Made in the USA

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