New Parts for Q1 2018

The innovation never stops at, and we are excited to share our newest part and product releases from the first quarter of 2018.


The BOSS Conveyor

Part Number: CONV100 and CONV200

Stainless steel rollers and bearings are included with this state-of-the-art conveyor. Purchase the conveyor with or without the belt, and re-use your current orbit motor, hopper, and spout. Contact us or find a dealer near you for price and availability.








2-Port Coupler

Part Number: CONNECT200

Same design with new material for connection from tank to tool. This solid stainless steel 2-port model comes with the clamp and original style of gaskets.








3-Port Coupler

Part Number: CONNECT300

Same great features as the 2-port model above, but for 3-port connection.


Stainless Steel Hex Shaft

Part Number: HEXSHAFT890

End your frustration by switching to our solid stainless steel hex shaft for the meter roller designed to replace the factory mild steel model.

New Style Meter Roll drive Shaft

Part Number: NEWSHAFT220

This newer style meter shaft is a replacement for 2011 and newer meters, but in solid stainless steel for durability.

550 BU Z-Pipe top

Part Number: ASP550S

Stainless steel replacement pipe.

550 BU Z-Pipe bottom

Part Number: ASP550D

Stainless steel replacement pipe for double shoots.

If you know us then you can imagine the ideas and innovations that keep coming. If you haven’t met us yet, then you’ll want to check back regularly and see what’s new. Questions? Need a quote? Contact us online, by phone at 701.355.5720, or use our locator to find a Dealer near you.